Vienna-based design studio specializing in visual identities, publishing design and creative digital solutions. More information

Meeting the growing goals of the business
Designing packaging for Austrian traditional food manufacturer
Creating a visual language for the connected cars of tomorrow
Conveying complex information in an effective way
Expressing the key features of Mercedes-Benz
Giving a new lease on life to one of the oldest amusement parks in the world
Creating a rich visual language
Visualising huge potential

In a world overloaded with messages Paul Leichtfried creates strong visual narratives which cut through the noise and help businesses tell their story. 

Putting people at the centre
Raising public awareness about the refugee situation
Crafting a personal identity
Creating a mirrored typeface
Traveling the world of architecture and urban culture
Establishing a dialogue about urban mobility

Vienna-based design studio specializing in visual identities, publishing design and creative digital solutions.

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